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Infants and toddlers are kept on a flexible schedule, which reflects the growing babies’ changing needs. They are given individual attention including ample time for talking and discovery. We provide a variety of soft spaces for the children to learn and explore on including heated floors to ensure their comfort.


Babies need to hear conversation in order to develop their language skills. By the age of three, 85% of the core brain structures are formed and children must receive appropriate stimulation to enhance their brain development. The classroom also contains toys, books, pictures, and posters in high color contrast to help develop their vision. An abundance of love, cuddling, hugs, and attention is given to each child. It is proven that physical contact encourages not only trust and attachment, but also helps premature infants gain weight, helps babies digest food better, and lowers stress hormones in infants.

We provide ample time, materials, and space for each child to actively explore the world around them. Daily activities include indoor and outdoor play, active and quiet activities, individual and group activities, and protection from excess fatigue and overstimulation.


Children have opportunities to use a variety of toys, art materials, and housekeeping equipment to enhance their individual growth. We also support time in playing with others and communication skills.


Our curriculum includes a daily “circle time” which is an opportunity for children to learn the parts of a calendar (month, day, and date of the week), the four seasons throughout the year, daily weather, sign language, and Spanish. During this time, the children also learn their numbers, letters, colors, shapes, animals, and personal name recognition and the writing of it and enjoy story time.


Other fun activities for all ages include: two large grass playgrounds with jungle gyms, weekly field trips, science and cooking projects, birthday parties, winter music programs for the parents to attend, preschool graduation ceremony, holiday events such as egg hunts, Valentine's exchange, costume parties, gift exchange, and more.

Quality Educational Classroom For Your Child

Here at Bouncin' Babies & Kool Kids Child Care Center and Preschool, we provide an environment where children of all ages can be successful and feel comfortable. Children learn new ideas and skills, are exposed to a variety of cultures, develop language skills, participate in imaginative and educational play, and develop fine and gross motor skills.


Our teachers support the children in all their activities from the time they arrive to the time they leave every day.



The intermediates/toddlers work on their fine motor skills such as learning the use of crayons, markers, and paints to create scribble pictures, cutting and tearing paper, stacking blocks and small boxes, and stringing beads. They also have the opportunity to explore areas with their senses using simple materials such as sand, water, shaving cream, cotton balls, play dough, and finger paints. They also participate in art projects, dramatic plays, puppet shows, books/stories, songs, music, dance, climbing, and sliding.

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The preschoolers begin learning basic skills for word recognition, writing, math, science, and social skills in a logical, natural sequence that encourages children to learn. Daily activities are linked to the “Theme of the Week and Letter of the Week,” which reinforces reading readiness through letter recognition skills. They also partake in art, music, dramatic plays, puppet shows, social interaction, rhymes and books/stories.

School-Aged Children

School-aged children are offered a balance of structured activities and individual hands-on exploration and down time. We also offer homework assistance, intriguing projects, outdoor play, and fun with friends. Our summer program consists of projects and themes that build on the lessons learned in school. Children will be engaging in activities both mentally and physically. Themes are set on a weekly basis to include art, drama, science, history, and math. Field trips are included which reinforce the weekly theme.

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